Our Landscape Masterplanning and Land Planning experience covers the macro-scale of rural and urban areas where the objective is to seek order and regulate land in an efficient and ethical manner. and to prevent land use conflicts.

Our experience includes urban and village development, new suburban land, international sporting venues, farms and infrastructure.


The Al Bayt Stadium will be on display to the world when the first whistle kicks off the 2022 FIFA Football World Cup. It was paramount for our team to achieve a design for the surrounding landscape that celebrated the local culture, while complementing the Stadium’s indigenous design. Carried out in collaboration with Thom Craig Architects, this project drew on our combined expertise in landscape, architecture, lighting, irrigation, and engineering in order to achieve the desired result.

The design for this 50ha parkland in Doha, Qatar celebrates the sights and sounds of water with naturalistic forms influenced by nature itself. Once complete, the parkland will offer an oasis-like retreat from the world with its rich combination of adventurous spaces, paths, and streams, that integrate modern buildings with a nature setting.

The masterplan for the urban design and development of this 52km2 long coastline along Hainan Island, China required our team to take a holistic approach to planning, architecture, and landscaping. This included new towns, commercial areas, resorts, lakes and canals, and housing areas.

Our proposal for this windfarm located along 6km of ridgeline at Waipara, Canterbury’s Mt Cass required extensive landscape assessments and ecological planning in order to assess the potential impact on the surrounding landscape. This included the simulation and assessment of various turbines as well as mitigation and enhancement measures to best support the natural, indigenous flora and fauna.

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