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A Landscape assessment is a sub category of an environmental impact assessment concerned with the character and quality of the landscape. 

Our experience at undertaking landscape assessments is considerable. We have worked on a range of projects throughout New Zealand. Following the assessment, we are often asked to act as an expert witness either at council hearings or in the Environment Court. Examples of work undertaken include: Marine farms, industrial developments such as mining and windfarms, subdivisions, rural and agricultural, commercial and residential. Our clients have included local or regional government bodies, a wide variety of companies and organisations, developers and private landowners.

The landscape planning and assessment process may involve:

  • Regional & District Landscape Assessments - evaluation and identification of the landscape, natural character and amenity values, providing a platform for strategic policies in district plans and regional policy statements.

  • Assessment of Landscape and Visual Effects - The assessment of landscape, amenity and natural character effects associated with commercial, infrastructure and private development projects (including wind farms, quarry developments, hydroelectric developments & major roading projects).

  • Expert Evidence - GHLA have broad experience in appearing as an expert witness as part of Council or Environment Court hearings.

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