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Coles Field

Rolleston, Canterbury

Coles field is a subdivision with a distinct character and style, it's 36 larger-size lots range in size from 2500-7000 m2 and help to maintain a rural outlook. As landscape architects, it was important for us to retain and celebrate this aesthetic. Design elements for this project included large open rural style swales with massed planting of native and exotic vegetation, hedgerows. Rustic timber and corten details and features were used throughout the development, from the rural style gates and signage, chunky timber fencing and bridges. Large park-scale trees such as Oaks, limes and Tulip trees create an attractive new feature, along with the retention of mature existing poplar shelterbelt species. These trees feature both along the main driveway as well as the generous landscape recreational bund to the north which includes a new cycle and walking route into Rolleston.

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